Okmulgee, Oklahoma is a quaint town full of rich history, Native American past times and beautiful lakes. The town was founded after the Civil War in 1868 when the Creek Nation began restoring order to their devastated homeland and came together in a general council to establish a capitol building. A post office opened there on April 29, 1869, under the spelling Okmulkee until November 15, 1883, when it became Okmulgee. The name is a Creek word, oki mulgi, meaning “boiling waters,” and is taken from a town in their native region, in present Russell County, Alabama. Okmulgee grew thanks to the oil boom in the 1920s.


Located just 40 minutes from the City of Tulsa, Okmulgee lets you feel far away but with all the shopping and eating amenities nearby. The town has a beautiful and historic downtown with the original Creek Council House built in 1878. You can see historic architecture and family-owned shops and restaurants downtown.

If you want to get out to nature, the Okmulgee and Dripping Springs Lake and Recreation Area are the place to go, which is located just 5 miles west of Okmulgee. The recreation area is located along two beautiful lakes, the 668-acre Okmulgee Lake that was built in 1927 and the 1,150-acre Dripping Springs Lake that was built in 1979 and designated as Oklahoma’s first “Trophy Bass Lake.” The lake has an abundant stand of timber still in the water, which makes an ideal habitat for trophy bass. Campgrounds, swimming areas and hiking trails make the lakes THE place to go in the spring and summer.

Okmulgee’s classic look and historic architecture also make it a a prime location for films. Christmas Child was filmed here in 2004, as well as Home Run in 2013 which grossed over $3 million at the Box Office.

Okmulgee is sometimes an overlooked town, but look closer and you will see beautiful nature, architecture and loyal residents that make Okmulgee home.